Michigan kicks off minimum wage hike

Jan 2, 2018

Michigan started the New Year with a hike to the state’s minimum wage. The wage was raised 35 cents. It’s now 9 dollars and 25 cents an hour.

But some in Michigan say that’s not enough. One Fair Wage is circulating a petition to eventually raise the state’s minimum wage to 12 dollars an hour.

Dr. Alicia Renee Farris is with One Fair Wage. She says the state needs a higher minimum wage so people can afford all the necessities like food and housing.

Michael LaFaive is the director of fiscal policy for the economically conservative Mackinac Center. He says having a mandated minimum wage can cause businesses to look for ways to reduce the number of jobs.

The current wage increase is part of a 2014 law. It gave the state multiple increases over the last few years. This is the last scheduled increase. The minimum wage will now be determined by the state Treasury based on collected data.