The Michigan DNR makes recommendations on how to reduce CWD

Jun 8, 2018

The state will present recommendations June 14 for reducing the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease in Michigan.

The recommendations are part of a six-month long effort to engage with the public and professionals on best deer management practices.

Chad Stewart is with the Department of Natural Resources. He said the DNR will highlight a few findings.

“We are proposing to get rid of baiting and feeding throughout the lower peninsula beginning January 1st of next year.”

Stewart said the DNR  also wants to expand DNR oversight from five counties to thirteen suspected to have CWD.

“We are proposing four days of firearms for antlerless deer on private land in some of those areas. Those changes are meant to really increase opportunity and success for hunters in that area because we want our hunters to be the first line of defense.”

Chronic wasting disease attacks the brains of infected animals and has decimated deer populations in other states.

The DNR is an Underwriter of WCMU Public Radio.