Immigrant rights groups react to temporary stay of DACA phase out

Jan 10, 2018

Michigan immigrant rights groups are responding to news that President Trump’s phaseout of DACA has been temporarily blocked by a federal judge.

Immigrants rights groups in the state say the stay may offer DACA recipients a window to renew their status.

DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, allowed people brought to the US as children to claim temporary legal status for two years with the option to renew.

When the end of the program was announced in September, recipients with a renewal date before the final phase-out on March 5th were given one month to renew.

Susan Reed is with the Michigan Immigrant Rights Center. She said a quarter of Michigan’s seven thousand DACA recipients were up for renewal.

“Of the group of people that was eligible to renew in that one month period we think about 75% of that subgroup renewed but that there were probably at least several hundred people who were eligible to renew that didn’t get that done within the period.”

Reed said the court rule creates a temporary window for DACA recipients who didn’t get their renewal taken care of or whose renewal date fell after the phase-out to get their status renewed.

She said it does not resolve the question of what will happen to DACA recipients overall.