Equifax breach impacts 4.6 million Michiganders

Oct 10, 2017

At last count, some four point six million Michigan residents had their personal information impacted by the security breach at credit rating agency Equifax. The state Attorney General is offering tips on what to do now.

Megan Hawthorne is a representative for the Attorney General’s office. She said you can do some things to protect yourself.

“Those things include setting up a credit freeze, a fraud alert, and credit monitoring alert. Those are going to be the three key things to have in place to protect information after this type of security breach.”

Hawthorne said the AG also issued a letter demanding Equifax reimburse the costs associated with a credit freeze for impacted individuals.

To find out if you’ve been breached, or for more information on how to freeze your account visit http://www.michigan.gov/documents/ag/What_You_Need_to_Know_About_the_Equifax_Breach_accessbile_600814_7.pdf