DNR seeks environmentally sensitive land for habitat restoration

Jun 5, 2018

Michigan is looking for people to offer up their land in the name of restoration. The DNR is asking people with environmentally sensitive land to consider giving it to the state for habitat restoration.

It’s called the SAFE program. The effort is a partnership between the USDA, the DNR Wildlife Division, and Pheasants Forever.

The program aims to restore habitat for struggling species like Monarch butterflies and Pheasants.

Mike Parker is the Conservation Partners Program Specialist with the DNR Wildlife Division. He said the DNR understands farmers rely on their land to make a living.

“In exchange for giving up that land the USDA will pay 90 percent of the cost to establish this habitat which is native grasses and wildflowers, but the landowner also receives an annual soil rental payment, which is based on the county average for the soil in their county.”

Parker said offers from 41 Michigan counties will be accepted. Some of those counties include Saginaw, Isabella, and Lapeer.

More information on the program is at the DNR website.

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