Bill would stop dog breed specific legislation

Mar 13, 2018

A bill that would end dog breed specific legislation in Michigan is on its way to the Senate floor.


The bill would prohibit local ordinances that ban specific breeds, like pit bulls.

Republican Senator Rick Jones supports the measure.

“It’s really not the dog breed that’s dangerous, it’s the way that dog has been treated. Now if you put dogs into dog fighting, they will become very vicious. If somebody, beats a dog, mistreats a dog, to make them a nasty guard dog, certainly, that dog is going to be dangerous,” Jones said. “So really, what the problem is, it’s all about the humans that don’t properly treat animals, it’s not about a specific breed.”

This bill is part of a package of bills that would allow local governments to regulate things like dog fighting and abuse.

“If you have a problem dog in your neighborhood, report the dog to Animal Control. A dog cannot run free, a dog cannot bite people,” he said. “If you have a vicious dog, report the dog so the owner can be cited. And if it’s a really bad problem, the dog can be taken away.”

Jones also said the package of bills are more specific when it comes to the consequences for the owners as well was looking at the circumstances of each animal.

“Another bill said if you had dogs that were involved in fighting. For example, Humane Society and the Sheriff Department busts a big animal dog fighting ring and they have some puppies,” he said. “The puppies have not been made into vicious dogs yet. While the fighting dogs need to be euthanized, the puppies could be given to the Humane Society for adoption.”

The bill passed through the Senate Judiciary Committee. It’s now headed to the full Senate.