Bill would put warning labels on marijuana products in Michigan

Jan 12, 2018

A new bill in the state house would require marijuana products to come with warning labels for pregnant women.

Republican Representative Thomas Albert is a bill sponsor. He said the bill is intended to warn pregnant women of the dangers marijuana use can pose if taken during pregnancy.

“We have the Center for Disease Prevention and the American College for Obstetricians and Gynecologists actually warning against marijuana use while pregnant and breastfeeding. Not only do they warn against it there is starting to be growing evidence that women are actually using it.”

Albert said data show women in Michigan are using while pregnant.

“We have five percent of women overall are using marijuana while pregnant and if we go into urban areas roughly 28% of women are using while pregnant. It can cause short-term problems like birth weight but we’re starting to show that it may actually harm brain development.”

Albert said the bill won’t punish women for using marijuana.

“I think there’s one extremely important thing to mention and that’s what the bill doesn’t have any penalties. It’s not about punishing women that do it, it’s about informing women and making sure they can make informed, healthy choices for their children.”

Representative Albert said the bill has even gotten support from some marijuana advocates and he thinks it will pass quickly through the legislature.