Around $23 million spent on political TV ads ahead of primary

Aug 8, 2018

When it comes to TV advertising, political campaigns spared no expense for Michigan's primary.

The Michigan Campaign Finance Network says around 23 million dollars in political ads aired on broadcast television ahead of Tuesday's election.

Craig Mauger is the network's executive director.

"TV advertising in a state-wide race, in a congressional race, in districts that cover great geographic distances, is still a very effective way to reach a lot of people."

Democrat Shri Thenedar's campaign spent the most on TV ads -- at just over 5 million dollars.

That's more than double what any other candidate spent.

Mauger says as we head toward November's general election, it's likely we'll start seeing ads from national groups in support of Michigan candidates.

"And that will drive up the overall cost, and will likely make for one of the most expensive races for governor ever, if not the most expensive ever, that's kind of the expectation."

The network says the most costly governor's race in Michigan history was in 2006 between Democrat Jennifer Granholm and Republican Dick DeVos.

But most of the money in that race was spent on the general election, not the primary.