Travis Sleight

Student Reporter

Travis Sleight is a student reporter for WCMU, joining our staff in early 2017. You can hear him report daily for 'Morning Edition' and 'All Things Considered.'

Travis Sleight

Each superhero has a way they are called to action. Spiderman has a Spidey sense, Superman has super hearing, and Batman follows the bat signal. In Midland County to call a hero wave a quilt.

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The National Park Service announced a plan to reintroduce 20 to 30 wolves to Isle Royale. They’re hoping the move helps balance out a growing moose population on Isle Royale.

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The investigation continues on the officer involved shooting in Midland County.

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Governor Snyder this week declared a state of disaster in several Michigan counties following February's widespread flooding.

If you live and drive in Michigan you’re no stranger to high auto insurance premiums. Now, a new report said Michigan has the highest auto insurance rates in the country.  The average annual premium of $2,500 is nearly twice the national average.