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Student Reporter

Travis Sleight is a student reporter for WCMU, joining our staff in early 2017. You can hear him report daily for 'Morning Edition' and 'All Things Considered.'

The second oldest lighthouse on Lake Huron is scheduled to undergo repairs this summer.  Funding comes from a $60,000 grant from the “Save our Lights” fundraising campaign.

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State wildlife officials said winter weather often causes large fish die offs in Michigan. Ice cover on lakes and streams reduces oxygen levels and aquatic life essentially suffocates. Now, the DNR is announcing an online system for people to report mass quantities of dead fish that surface in the spring.

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Old man winter has dropped about 100 inches of snow in some Michigan counties already this winter. And, at least one county road commission is starting to feel the pressure.

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Michigan is moving into its third year of a new model for improving community and personal health. This year officials said they’ll focus on some of the underlying reasons that people don’t always get the care they need.


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Lake City Schools was one of at least three in Michigan that had so many sick students, they closed.