Max Cobb

Student Reporter

Max Cobb is a student reporter for WCMU's news department. He reports daily for 'Morning Edition' and 'All Things Considered."

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After opening just a year ago, an observatory at the Headlands International Dark Sky Park has been closed to the public.

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Mid-Michigan hospitals are receiving 50 million dollars to update facilities and hopefully bounce back from a rough financial year.

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Most of us remember our parents telling us to eat our vegetables and play outside. And the American Institute for Cancer Research says 30 years of studies tell us maybe mom and dad were right.

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Lake Superior State University is trying a new tool in the battle for international students. Starting this fall, the university will implement a worldwide one-rate tuition.

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A recent documentary about female veterans is now available online through PBS. ‘Served Like a Girl’, was made to raise awareness for the some 55-thousand homeless female veterans in the U.S..