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Max Cobb is a student reporter for WCMU's news department. He reports daily for 'Morning Edition' and 'All Things Considered."

The Headlands International Dark Sky Park has received international recognition, being named the first ever Dark Sky Place of the year.

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The Village of Kingsley has been selected as the future location of a 100,000 square foot medical marijuana growing facility. The facility carries a $20-million price tag.


Village trustees approved a resolution this week essentially welcoming growers.


Ross Childs is the interim village manager for Kingsley. He said trustees did not approve the sale of medical pot in Kingsley, but they approved everything else.


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Hunters are heading out in the field today for opening day of firearm deer season.  And in many areas, they’re running into new rules from the state.  It’s an attempt to get ahead of the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease in Michigan.

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It’s no secret that we’re in cold and flu season… the number of people coughing and missing school or work is evidence of that.

Now pharmacists are reminding people to be careful of over-the-counter medicines...more specifically a common ingredient in them that can be harmful in large doses.  

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November is financial caregiver month, and financial experts are reminding caregivers the important role they play in keeping their loved ones safe, not only physically but financially.

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It could be considered the ultimate brainstorming session. And now the state has hundreds of suggestions to prevent invasive carp from entering the Great Lakes. The public comment period  on the “Carp Challenge” is closed. More than 300 entries were received.

New calls today for an investigation into whether Enbridge complied with reporting rules on Line 5 which runs under the straits of Mackinac.


Letters were sent over the weekend to the CEO of Enbridge, and the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration

The letters came from Michigan’s US Senators Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters.

Senator Peters said the letters were in response to recent reports critical of Enbridge.


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A floating museum in northern Michigan will be getting an update thanks to a grant from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

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A package of bills would provide Michigan students with more work opportunities out of high school.

The bills would encourage schools to teach students about occupations that don’t require a college degree… occupations like plumbers and electricians.

The goal is to expose children to jobs they may not have even been aware of, and remind them that college isn’t the only path after high school.

Republican State Representative Daire Rendon is behind the legislation.

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A recent national survey looks at people’s perceptions of cancer.

The survey found that while many people know tobacco and exposure to the sun are risks of cancer, they don’t understand that obesity is a risk.