Ben Thorp


Ben grew up listening to WCMU and has become an obsessive of podcasts, radio, and the home life of Ira Glass. Ben joined WCMU in December, 2015 as a general assignment reporter. Since then, Ben has won multiple statewide awards for his reporting efforts, and had several stories aired nationally on NPR's 'Morning Edition' and 'All Things Considered.'

Ben is a native of Petoskey, and graduated from Michigan State University in 2014.

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US Fish and Wildlife Service /

The state Department of Health and Human Services is warning residents about an increase in animals testing positive for rabies across Michigan.

US Army Corps of Engineers

The US Army Corps of Engineers released a cost-benefit analysis Monday for building a new lock in Sault Ste Marie.

Cynthia Hector-Johnson

A stolen statue commemorating writer Ernest Hemingway outside the Beaver Island Public Library is back in its rightful place.

Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University’s Board of Trustees met Thursday to approve an operating budget for the coming year.

Cynthia Hector-Johnson

A sculpture commemorating Ernest Hemingway is missing from outside the Beaver Island Public Library.