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A public opinion poll of Great Lakes residents found overwhelming support for use of immediate protections to block the spread of Asian carp.

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A report looking at the economic impact the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative found the program will have an overwhelmingly positive impact on the Great Lakes region.

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Maybe you’ll get home after work today and relax with a glass of wine. For some - some would say “lucky” - people, wine isn’t an escape from the work day. It IS their workday.  

Max Cobb concludes his On The Map look at Underappreciated Jobs with a chat a sommelier.


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State transportation officials are doing their part to save the bees.

MDOT is planting sunflowers at rest areas and along major freeways to help endangered pollinators. The department is in its third year of the program.

Jocelyn [Jock-lin] Hall is a spokesperson for the department of transportation’s Bay region. She said the project is supported by the U.S. Department of Transportation  

“The US-DOT has encouraged all state departments to do whatever they can to support pollinators in any way.”

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Governor Rick Snyder still can’t build a bridge between a union and a construction trade association to end a road work stoppage across the state.

The Poison Squad

This weekend Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Deborah Blum will be in Harbor Springs as part of the Festival of the Book, which brings poets and writers to the region.

Isle Royale National Park

The National Park Service plans to bring 20 - 30 wolves to Isle Royale in the next three to five years.

Republic Services

For many of us, putting the trash out by the road is just another routine in our week. One that might draw complaints from the kids if you ask them to do it, but otherwise doesn’t take much thought.

And that’s exactly why Max Cobb decided to explore the job.  

Today we continue our occassional “On the Map” series with a look at Underappreciated Jobs. Max got into the spirit of the assignment by climbing into a garbage truck to learn more about what cleaning up after everyone is really like.

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The longest-serving member in the history of Congress – former Michigan Congressman John Dingell – says he may be released from the hospital soon…after suffering an apparent heart attack.

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The state Legislature returns this week – but they’ll likely save big issues for after the election. Although they’re scheduled to meet next week as well –those session days could get canceled.


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