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Xavier Mendoza

A taste of the Philippines in Traverse City

As a native Filipino, I was delighted to experience the cuisine my family used to cook.

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After weeks of living as a fugitive — and reportedly trying to steal the identity of a look-alike — Lois Riess has been arrested. Riess, 56, is wanted in connection with murders in two states and with stolen and forged checks.

"We look at her appearance. She looks like anybody's mother or grandmother," Undersheriff Carmine Marceno of Lee County, Fla., said Friday. "Yet she's an absolute cold-blooded murderer."

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Avicii, the Swedish producer who was one of the world's most successful DJs, was found dead today in Muscat, Oman, his publicist confirmed to NPR Music. He was 28. No cause of death was given.

It's a problem that has come seemingly out of nowhere. Over the last five years a worrisome number of low income countries have racked up so much debt they are now at high risk of being unable to pay it back — with potentially devastating consequences not just for their economies but for their citizens, many of whom are already living in extreme poverty.

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Environmental groups say time is up for Enbridge Energy after the company reported three new dents Tuesday on their line 5 pipeline beneath the straits.

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April 11 marks the first day of the year that women are no longer catching up with men in terms of paychecks.


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The attorney for a student suing Michigan State University says campus counselors discouraged her client from reporting an alleged rape by three basketball players. Karen Truszkowski says her client went to the Counseling Center a few days after the incident in April of 2015, but was deterred from reporting by staff counselors.


The basketball players are not named in the suit. 

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Michigan students aren’t doing well nationally in areas like reading and math. That’s according to results on a nationwide test. Meanwhile, the state is focused on increasing skilled trades training.

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Ice jams in the shipping channels between Lake Superior and Lake Huron are blocking ferry service to Neebish Island. The 40 year round island residents are finding themselves stranded from the mainland.

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Immigrant rights groups say they are no longer concerned about a bill in the state house that would have required drivers licenses indicate when a noncitizen was no longer a legal resident.

The US Environmental Protection Agency released a report Friday detailing ways to improve the health of Lake Huron.

MDNR holds public meetings on disease that threatens deer

Apr 10, 2018
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State biologists are asking the public for help combating a fatal disease that threatens deer. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is holding public hearings about chronic wasting disease (CWD) in April and May.

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The Great Lakes’ only merchant marine academy will get a million federal dollars for training.

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April is Donate Life Month, and Wednesday is Donate Life Day, with a push to encourage organ donations.